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About Shelby Arnett

I am an Annapolis-based designer who works primarily with digital 2D design and website design. I also enjoy exploring designs for product and promotional packaging, logo and brand creation, and illustrations.

Currently a Senior Graphic and Web Designer for Ironmark, a design and print agency in Maryland, I create graphics to suit our clients’ print and digital marketing needs. I also design and develop websites, with a heavy emphasis on HubSpot’s multi-faceted CMS. 

Always working to learn and improve, I have lately been building up my After Effects and Premiere skills with small side projects. To see work that I’ve done for my clients as well as work I’ve been making for fun and for practice, take a look at my portfolio, or check out the other work that I have posted on Behance – and occasionally on Instagram, in between the dog photos.

Having now worked for two different print companies, I have a high level of experience in the print production world, and I understand the relation of digital design to print. My LinkedIn resume has even more detail on my past work experiences, all of which have helped shape me into the designer I am today.

Shelby Arnett Design (previously Shelby Clarke Design) is my personal website where I showcase my work and what I’m up to. I don’t always have time for side projects, but if you’re looking for someone to partner up with for an exciting project, feel free to reach out to me below:

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